Friday, 23 May 2014

Revising My Collection

Over the years, as I'm sure you know, we all purchase some models and can't really fathom why. I guess the Games Workshop manages to make a lot of money out of us based on these impulse purchases, especially those 'limited edition' ones, which are then released into the mainstream a few months later...

Anyway, unfortunately it's come to the point where my funds are limited, and my collection is bloated, so I've decided to sell off a couple of the items I'm definitely not going to be using in an attempt to raise some money towards 7th edition.

All the items listed below are being sold through my eBay account, are of new quality, and ship within the UK in 1st class mail! I'd thoroughly appreciate it if you took the time to give them a glance, and see if they'd come in useful for your collections!

Thank you!

Skaven Warlord Spinetail

Damned Legionnaire with Heavy Flamer

Galrauch, the Great Drake

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